The first post

Hello World…

I’ve created this site primarily to share my artwork.
My motivation for drawing and painting comes from a strong desire to connect with Nature’s beauty and design. As of writing this, I experiment with loose watercolour botanical styles, pencil, ink and nature studies.

I’m still discovering my own niche and style. I’m not an artistic expert by any means and I have no formal art training. I am making a digital record of my progress and I may share things I learn along the way.

For me, illustrating is not about expressing any new ideas or abstractions. It’s a process for learning and participating in the beauty of life itself. As a homeschooling mother of one, nature drawing is important to me as it allows me to increase my awareness and knowledge of the natural world – an important factor for anyone responsible for educating a young mind.

When I was younger, I knew I had an ability to draw, and enjoyed it, but I didn’t pursue it much at that time since I thought I had to have something to “express” or say. Back then I had no inspiration and really no passion for anything at all. Now I find myself very oriented towards the natural world, and that’s what really motivates me. So in a nutshell, I draw and paint because I like beauty, and I like to learn.



Where I live, we’re still waiting for Spring to kick in, and I can’t wait to see the first snow drops appear.


In the meantime, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the winter to catch up on some reading, painting and drawing.


This time of year, I dream of seeing the first Spring blooms.

I’ve been practicing loose watercolor tulips as well …


… and creating some bookmarks for myself


I’ve also been trying to improve my skills in drawing birds.


I’ve been slowly going through the book The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds and it has been so helpful – I wish I had started reading it earlier!


So that’s it for now … blooms and birds to start the year.

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