snowdrops with colored pencils

It’s a most exciting thing for me when I see the first snowdrops of the year. And if I don’t spot them, at least I’ll draw them from memory.

For this drawing, I used Prismacolor Premier pencils. I’m still quite new at using colored pencils and I’m learning how to use them properly.

I outlined my design first using a very light brown. For the stems and leaves I used a yellow color, a light green color and finished with a dark green. The flowers are shaded with a silver pencil.



snowdrops with watercolor

For this little bouquet of watercolor snowdrops, I first outlined using Prismacolor Premier pencil in silver.

I’ve been practicing using colored pencils to outline my illustrations instead of graphite pencil because graphite can leave smudges if you need to erase. I find with a good kneaded eraser, you can erase colored pencil pretty well if it was applied lightly.

I lightened up my outline drawing by lifting off the pencil with a kneaded eraser. And then I simply filled it in with watercolors. Right now I’m using Windsor and Newton’s Cotmans.


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