Ontario Chickadee


I’m new to photographing birds or any animals for that matter.

My incredibly thoughtful spouse knew I was developing an interest in birds so he got me a Sony telephoto lens to go with my Sony mirrorless camera. I’m still getting used to it and looking forward to capturing my own images to do studies from.

Finally I’ve captured one of my ever-present loves, the chickadee.

What I love about chickadees is that they’re a comfort in the winter months and they will get close to you if they are used to your presence. They don’t seem to keep their far distance like other birds. They have such vibrant personalities.

In this photo above, I notice that some of the chickadee’s tail feathers appear to be translucent.

Anyone is welcome to use my photos as a reference for their own studies and drawings. A good book on bird drawing is The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds where you will learn bird anatomy and artistic practices. I haven’t completed that book but it’s something I’m slowly going through.


(Please do not use my photos on any online platform without my permission and especially attribution)

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